“The Birth of Contemporary Europe: World War I, Music and the Arts”
International Conference, 9 – 11 November 2018, Athens, Greece

In this international multidisciplinary conference
, we expect to discuss several issues that have to do with artistic and cultural manifestations and their connection to music and sound in general, which occur both during, but also after, the end of the Great War.
In this wide perspective the presented papers will focus on issues such as (but not limited to):

  • Music and Visual Arts
  • Cinema, moving image, sound and music
  • Literature and musical settings
  • Painting, new techniques and the avant-garde idiom and their connection to music
  • Folk and demotic idioms and gestures reflected on music
  • The popular element in music
  • Music and Society during the Great War and after
  • Philosophical concepts on music and the Great War
  • Cultural history of Europe during the period of World War I, focusing on musical aspects

You may see and download the Conference Program here

Parallel events
20:30 Event at Mitropoulos Hall in Athens Concert Hall [delegates only]
Holger Falk – Julius Drake
«Jeune homme de vingt ans»
For the celebration of 100 years from the end of WW1
Song cycles of Francis Poulenc in poetry Guillaume Apollinaire and The Hollywood Songbook of Hans Eisler in poetry Bertolt Brecht
20:30 Athens Concert Hall [tickets]
Europeana Collection Days on Migration [Participate here]
10:00-18:00 National Library of Greece

Guided tour on the Collections of the National Historical Museum
11:15-13:00 National Historical Museum
20:30-22:00 Concert of University of Athens Choir